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Brown Bearskin
185 cm / 210 cm

Brown Bearskin185 cm / 210 cm

Article: BBS-185

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Description :

Handmade. Skin dimensions:

Length (whole skin) : 210 сm

Length (from nose till begin of tail) : 185 сm

Swing of forepaws : 200 cm

Fur - natural with a thick undercoat.

Head - volume, open chaps.

Skull and ears – are made of polymer materials.

Fangs - upscale taxidermy copies of natural bear fangs, artificially aged, with simulated bacterial plaque

Eyes – volume polymer eyeball with light refraction.

The pads of the fingers and claws - preserved natural.

Lining skins – cloth with rings along the field perimeter (to be able to mount on the wall).

During the processing of the skin and creating of volume taxidermist head not used substances and materials dangerous to life and health of humans or animals! Skin has no unpleasant smell; it does not contain toxic substances and allergens.


International delivery of brown bear skins is carried out only under official international contracts.

Our company gives guarantees that purchased in our Gift Shop bearskins were get exclusively in the autumn-winter period, so they have a beautiful thick fur with a dense undercoat.

Within 3 months after the signing of the international contract for the supply of products, LLC Russky Vek will prepare a complete set of documents necessary for the official international transportation of ready-made hunting trophies to the Buyer's country. Including all necessary documents for each skins of wild animals:

* Documents confirming the legality of hunting trophy in the territory of the Russian Federation;

* International veterinary certificates;

* Permission CITES for the export of hunting trophies from the Russian Federation.

After that, our company will provide the Buyer all necessary documents to obtain a CITES Permission for the official importation of these hunting trophies from the Russian Federation.
We guarantee You the high quality of our products and good prices!