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Mammoth mandible
(With expert opinion)

Mammoth mandible(With expert opinion)

Article: MM-1011

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Description :

The original of the expert opinion is attached to the jaw of the mammoth - about it’s authenticity.

Examination was carried out by the Museum of the Institute of Plants and Animals of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Approximate age of the jaw: 17 000 - 24 000 years.

Paleontological find: Mammoth's fossilized jaw.

The decor material is the bark of the mammoth tusk, bronze figures of the mammoth, the wooden stand is made of merbau wood.

The size of the jaw (HxLxW): 580мм Х 510мм Х 310мм

Excerpts from the expert conclusion:

The quality of the periosteum and the safety of the protruding parts (the right zygomatic arch is lost) indicate that the bone material was slightly subjected to the processes of redeposition after the initial burial, and presents bone material from the first tafocenosis level. The quality of tooth enamel is characteristic for smooth drying of bones in conditions of relatively high humidity, which led to the maximum correct (optimal) storage and as a consequence of good preservation of bone material ...

The color of the bone surface indicates alluvial origin (burial in sandy, coastal sediments) ...

Similar findings from the taiga zone of Western Siberia are about 17-24 thousand years old.

Conclusion: In the presented composition, the basis is the genuine lower jaw of the mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) with good preservation and a genuine fragment of the tusk of the same species. Animals of this species lived in Western Siberia during the Pleistocene period.

The use of such a large object in this sculptural composition is original and is (at this time stage) a successful application of such raw materials for design purposes.

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