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Collection mammoth tusk
(With expert opinion)

Collection mammoth tusk(With expert opinion)

Article: MT-1010

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Description :

The ORIGINAL of the expert conclusion is attached to the tusk - about the authenticity of the paleontological find (fossil mammoth tusk).

Examination was carried out by the Museum of the Institute of Plants and Animals of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Approximate age of the tusk: 14 000 years.

Paleontological find: Fossilized mammoth tusk, the so-called children's tusk. Stabilized with epoxy resin.

Materials: Brass, stand - oak, mammoth tusk.

Whole tusks of mammoth is an infrequent finding in paleontology, because of the small size they are exposed to a stronger impact of the environment than the tusks of adults. When excavating small tusks often crumble into dust.

The size of the tusk (LxWxH): 730mm X 57mm X 57mm

The size of the tusk with a stand (LxWxH): 730mm X 120mm X 240mm

Extract from the EXPERT CONCLUSION:

The main part of the product consists of a whole tusk of a young mammoth, under which is mounted a brass group of walking mammoths.

This sculptural group is placed on a wooden stand measuring 27 * 12 cm, with brass legs-corners. The tusk itself, 73 cm long and 6 cm in diameter, is held by four stands, made in the form of candelabra stances. The constructive feature of the product is aimed at maximum attraction of attention directly to the tusk.

The characteristic form of the ends of the tusk, both front and rear, indicates that the tusk is a completely whole object. The natural spotted color of the tusk, the surface structure and the characteristic delaminations of the upper layers in some places, and in particular the lifetime polishing of the anterior end of the tusk, indicates the genuine origin of the main part of the product - the mammoth tusk.

Bone material is carefully preserved without compromising the aesthetic perception of the object. Applicable fixation of the ancient fossil bone will allow the product to remain for a very long time, even in the domestic conditions of modern human dwellings.

Similar tusks found in the taiga zone of Western Siberia are about 14 000 000 years old.

Conclusion: The central part of the presented product is undoubtedly a tusk of a mammoth inhabiting the palestocene time.

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