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Mammoth tooth
(With expert opinion)

Exclusive!Mammoth tooth(With expert opinion)

Article: MT-1010

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Description :

To the tooth of the mammoth is attached the original of the expert opinion - about its authenticity.

Examination was carried out by the Museum of the Institute of Plants and Animals of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Approximate age of the tooth: 14 000 - 17 000 years.

Paleontological find: Mammoth fossil tooth.

The material of the decor is bronze figures of a mammoth; the wooden stand is made of oak.

The tooth size (HxWxD): 190mm x 240mm x 110mm

Extract from the expert conclusion:

The basis of the composition consists of a molar of a mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius). It is difficult to specify more detailed to which of the seven stages of tooth replacement the tooth belongs, but the degree of development of the roots of the teeth indicates that the tooth can relate to the 4-6 stage of dentition and by the 3-5 year of the ten-year operation of the tooth stage.

The tooth is placed on a brass wool base, attached to a wooden stand with brass corners. It also contains a brass composition - a group of mammoths.

The color and tincture of the tooth reflect the degree of preservation (sizing) of the surface of the raw material, which reliably retains for a long time, the original object - the mammoth tooth (Mammuthus primigenius), from destruction.

The use of such raw materials for the manufacture of author's products (mammoth tooth) is very original and very rare for design execution.

Teeth of the mammoth (molars) are the most common finds in the areas of finds of the fossil Pleistocene fauna. They are most represented in Russian museums.

The use of the molar tooth in this sculptural composition is original and is (at this time stage) a successful application of such raw materials for design purposes.

In ethnographic materials, such objects have never been noted.

Molars (molars) of mammoths are mass and common finds for the taiga zone of Western Siberia and they are about 14-17 thousand years old.

Conclusion: The presented sculptural composition has in its design the original molar tooth of the mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) of good preservation. Animals of this species lived in Western Siberia during the Pleistocene period and died out at the border of the Pleistocene and Holocene.

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