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Silver fox
fur blanket
Silver fox<br>fur blanket
Article: FB-124
Full Pelt Silver Fox Fur Blanket. All Natural Top Quality
340 000 rub. More
Mammoth tooth
(With expert opinion)
Exclusive!<br>Mammoth tooth<br>(With expert opinion)
Article: MT-1010
Mammoth tooth
38 000 rub. More
Mammoth mandible
(With expert opinion)
Mammoth mandible<br>(With expert opinion)
Article: MM-1011
Mammoth mandible
108 000 rub. More
Collection mammoth tusk
(With expert opinion)
Collection mammoth tusk<br>(With expert opinion)
Article: MT-1010
Collection mammoth tusk
185 000 rub. More
lynx skin
87 cm / 110 cm
Exclusive!<br> lynx skin <br>87 cm / 110 cm
Article: LS-110EX
Exclusive lynx skin (with lots of natural skin stains)
88 000 rub. More
Exclusive Brown Bearskin
230 cm / 280 cm
Exclusive Brown Bearskin<br>230 cm / 280 cm
Article: BBS-230
Fur - natural with a thick undercoat: 230 (280) cm
125 000 rub. More
fur Rug
Wolverine<br>fur Rug
Article: FR-138
All Natural Top Quality
290 000 rub. More